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Katni(MP) Tourism Festivals and Festive Calendar 2004 to 2010
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The Pink City rejoices and celebrates the fairs and festivals with pomp and gaiety since time immemorial. These fairs and festivals reflect the rich culture and heritage of the region. Katni has a flair for celebrating every occasion.


ELEPHANT FESTIVAL - (March-April) 6 March, 2004, 25 March, 2005, 14 March, 2006, the elephant enthrall the spectators on the day of the Colourful festival of Holi at Chaugan stadium. Beautifully decorated elephants assemble for royal procession, Elephant polo match, races etc. & Katni(MP) Folk music & dance performances are part of the festival. 

The sight of mighty jumbos striding majestically is a treat to watch. The mahavats or owners proudly decorate their elephants with bright colours, jhools (saddle cloth) and heavy jewellery. Female elephants are made to wear payals or anklets which tinkle as they walk. Prizes are given for the most beautifully decorated elephant. Even more exciting is the Polo match, the Elephant race, the tug-of-war between elephant and 19 men and women. The most colourful being the playing of Holi on Elephant back.


GANGAUR - (March-April) 4-5 April, 2003, 23-24 March, 2004, 11-12 April, 2005, 1-2 April, 2006, this festival is celebrated by the maidens and married women, and is dedicated to Gauri, the incarnation of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. A Colourful procession is taken out from Zanana Deodhi of the City Palace, passing through Tripolia Bazar, Gangauri Bazar, Chaugan and converging near Talkatora for two consecutive days.

Images of Isar & Gauri are made of clay for the festival. In some families, permanent wooden images are painted afresh every year by reputed painters called Matherans on the eve of the festival. A distinct difference between the idols of Teej and Gangaur is that the idol will have a canopy during the Teej festival while the Gangaur idol would not a canopy.

The ladies decorate their hands and feet by drawing design with Mehendi (myrtle Paste). The figures drawn range from the sun, Moon and the stars to simple flowers or geometrical designs.


TEEJ - (July-August) 12 August 2003, 19-20 August, 2004, 8-9 August, 2005, 28-29 July, 2006, festival marking the advent of monsoon, swings are hung from trees and decorated with flowers. Young girls sing songs of love and about the rain. The festival is dedicated to parvati, commemorating the day when she was united with Lord Shiva, A magnificent procession is taken out from City Palace, similar to the Gangaur procession, for two consecutive days.




MAKAR SANKRANTI - celebrated on the 14th of January, every year with traditional fervour, the devotees take a holy dip in the holy tank at Galtaji, it has now also become a kite flying festival, millions of colourful kites come on the sky of Katni on this day.


SHITLA ASHTAMI - (March-April) this festival is locally called as Basoda, is celebrated to ward off the dreaded disease of small pox. The most famous fair is held at the Shitla Mata temple in Chaksu (on the Katni Kota Road), people gather here to pray and celebrate.


DONKEY FAIR - (Khalkani Mata Mela) (October) the donkeys day at Looniyawas near Sanganer, Thousands of donkeys from all over north India are brought here for buying and selling. The donkey races and sports are organised for the merriment of people. A rare sight indeed.

Festive Calendar 2010 to 2015

Fairs and Festivals Place 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Camel Festival Bikaner 30-31 Dec.09 18-19 Jan. 8-9 Jan. 26-27 Jan. 15-16 Jan. 4-5 Jan.
Nagaur Fair(Ramdeoji Cattle Fair) Nagaur 22-25 Jan. 10-13 Feb. 30Jan.-2 Feb 17-20 Feb. 6-9 Feb. 26-29 Jan.
Desert Festival Jaisalmer 28-30 Jan. 16-18 Feb. 5-7 Feb. 23-25 Feb. 12-14 Feb. 1-3 Feb.
Beneshwar Fair Beneshwar(Dungarpur) 26-30 Jan. 14-18 Feb. 3-7 Feb. 21-25 Feb. 10-14 Feb. 30 Jan-3 Feb.
Braj Festival Bharatpur 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb.
Elephant Festival Katni 28 Feb. 19 Mar. 7 Mar. 26 Mar. 16 Mar. 5 Mar.
Kailadevi Fair Karauli 12 Mar. 31 Mar. 19 Mar. 7 Apr. 28 Mar. 17 Mar.
Gangaur Festival Katni 18-19 Mar. 6-7 Apr. 25-26 Mar. 13-14 Apr. 2-3 Apr. 22-23 Mar.
Mewar Festival Udaipur 18-20 Mar. 6-8 Apr. 25-27 Mar. 13-15 Apr. 2-4 Apr.

22-24 Mar.

Mahaveerji Fair Mahaveerji 24-30 Mar. 12-18 Apr. 1-6 Apr. 20-25 Apr. 8-15 Apr. 28 Mar.-4 Apr.
Summer Festival Mount Abu 26-28 May 15-17 May 4-6 May 23-25 May 12-14 May 2-4 May
Teej Festival Katni 12-13 Aug. 2-3 Aug. 22-23 July 9-10 Aug. 30-31 July 17-18 Aug.
Kajli Teej Bundi 26-27 Aug. 15-16 Aug. 4 Aug. 22-23 Aug. 12-13 Aug. 31 Aug.- 1 Sept.
Dussehra Festival Kota 15-17 Oct. 4-6 Oct. 22-24 Oct. 12-14 Oct. 1-3 Oct. 21-22 Oct.
Matasya Festival Alwar 15-16 Sept. 4-5 Oct. 22-23 Oct. 12-13 Oct. 2-3 Oct. 21-22 Oct.
Marwar Festival Jodhpur 21-22 Oct. 10-11 Oct. 28-29 Oct. 17-18 Oct. 7-8 Oct. 26-27 Oct.
Pushkar Fair Pushkar
13-21 Nov. 2-10 Nov. 20-28 Nov. 9-17 Nov. 30 Oct.- 6 Nov. 18-25 Nov.
Chandrabhaga Fair Jhalawad 20-22 Nov. 9-11 Nov. 27-29 Nov. 16-18 Nov. 5-7 Nov. 24-26 Nov.
Bundi Utsav Bundi 24-26 Nov. 14-16 Nov. 1-3 Dec. 20-21 Nov.    
Kumbhalgarh Festival Udaipur 21-23 Dec. 21-23 Dec. 21-23 Dec. 21-23 Dec.    
Winter Festival Mount Abu 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec.


Tourist Palaces Katni Photographs Local Conducted Tours What and where to buy
What to eat Must visit Places Katni Festival Calendar Excursions from Katni

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